BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Bangor Police Department announced Tuesday a new substance abuse case manager will be working with evening patrol units on the streets.

"Our officers have contact with folks who struggle with the challenges of addiction every day," said Chief Mark Hathaway. "This program, in partnership with Acadia Hospital, allows us to have a substance abuse case manager in the field working directly with our officers."

Sgt. Timothy Cotton said Andrea Carver, a certified community mental health rehabilitation technician (MHRT/C) with Acadia Hospital, started a little over a month now.

"Carver has already proven to be a valuable asset for those who are struggling with addiction," Sgt. Cotton said, "and with her help we know we can make an impact."

The funding for Carver’s position comes from a state Substance Abuse Assistance Grant, Cotton said. The 18-month long pilot program was created in collaboration with Bangor Public Health.

"We are hopeful that our ability to provide skilled guidance to those seeking treatment alternatives at a time of crisis will prove beneficial," Chief Hathaway said.

The program is modeled after the department's successful 17-year mental health liaison program, which was also in collaboration with Acadia Hospital.