BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A Bangor family is spending the weekend leading up to Thanksgiving getting ready for Christmas.

For the past six years the Hathaway's have been putting on a Christmas light show in the front yard of their house on Hill View Drive in Bangor. This year the they plan on using over 38,000 lights.

"We have over 200 channels," Said Rick Hathaway. "So each channel needs to be programmed. We have a couple new additions that you haven't seen before so it will be bigger and better."

Each year people from all over come to see the light show. Since the Hathaway's started putting up the Christmas lights they have asked people for donations to the Eastern Maine Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Six years ago the Hathaway's welcomed twin boys, Warren and Alex, 29 weeks premature. Alex passed away after four days in the NICU. Warren spent 51 days there. The Hathaway's use their popular light show as a way to give back to the doctors and nurses that helped them so much.

"Amazing what they do," said Rick Hathaway. "We traveled back and forth multiple times a day and spent as much time as we could there. Got to know a lot of the nurses and a lot of the doctors. And we had a tragic ending to our son Alex, but we got Warren and how can we give back and you know this is just a little way to."

Now Rick and his wife Deanna, their son Warren, 6, and daughters Ainsley, 4, and Vivien 20 months, have been putting up lights all weekend in preparation for their December 1st premier.

"They love it. I mean they are right at the age where they want to be up on the cherry picker putting up the lights," said Rick Hathaway. "Stringing them out running extension chords. So they are really helpful."

Last year the Hathaway's said they raised thousands of dollars for the Eastern Maine Medical Center NICU, and this year they are hoping to raise even more money.