BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Plow crews were still out for part of Wednesday cleaning up after the latest storm. Residents and DOT crews felt it was much easier than last month.

Jeff St. Pierre is a resident of Bangor and was out shoveling for a good majority of Wednesday. "Shovel for a while and then go and take a break and then come back out and shovel some more" St. Pierre said. "It's really heavy and wet, especially on the bottom".

He stated this storms cleanup was nothing compared to the four feet of snow he had in his driveway after February's monster storms. "I'm retired now so I'm getting to the point where I don't like to shovel as much" St. Pierre said. "I'd like to go to Florida maybe for six months and then come back".

Department of Transportation crews tackled Storm Stella head on -- "We didn't have any issues out plowing" Steven Thebarge said -- Thebarge is the Eastern Region Manager for Maine's DOT.

"The duration was short so we were able to hit it hard the intensity, it was blowing pretty hard at 7 o'clock last night but it didn't last that long and just the time of year". He says the warm temperatures have helped as well.