BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In a busy evening commute on Interstate 295, one driver stood out from the hundreds of others, and not in a good way.

Around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Cumberland County Sheriff's deputies gave chase to a car that was, by their description, driving erratically and nearly causing several accidents.

Deputies said the driver was hanging out of his window with his middle finger extended. At one point, he was hanging so far out of the window, deputies said they feared he would jump out while the vehicle was still moving.

After following him for about five miles with their sirens wailing, deputies said they got the driver to stop on the Pleasant Street off-ramp. On charges of driving to endanger and failure to stop for a police officer, deputies arrested 29-year-old Daniel Harris of Brunswick. He was also cited on charges of not wearing a seatbelt and failure to have insurance.

As they took him into custody, deputies said Harris apologized and told them he was "having a bad day."