FAIRFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- At least nine agencies from across the state responded to what they believed was a report of an officer down Wednesday night.

According to Sergeant Matthew Wilcox of the Fairfield Police Department, an officer heard someone on the statewide scanner claiming to be with a mentally disturbed person in Fairfield Center on Ohio Hill Road, with a gun. That person on the radio did not identify themselves and requested the help of an officer.

Minutes later, the same person on the radio reported an officer was down, he said.

Sgt. Wilcox said at least nine agencies, excluding a chopper from the Maine Forest Service, responded to Ohio Hill Road to find nothing. The agencies went door-to-door in the neighborhood and in surrounding areas to ensure no one was harmed.

Everyone in every department from all law enforcement agencies has been accounted for, according to Sgt. Wilcox. "Even people who were on vacation got a call," he said.

Officials are attempting to investigate where the call came from, but according to Sgt. Wilcox, the method is concerning because talking to other officers on the scanner "is not really easy. It's not an easy task."

In a Facebook post, the Fairfield Police Department thanked the responding agencies and members of the public for their words of support. "We're sorry for the scare that we put into the residents of Fairfield, we were right there with you."