AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Maine’s River Flow Advisory Commission met on Thursday in Augusta to discuss ice conditions and flood risk across the state.

It has been a snowy spring and with rainfall, members of the state's River Flow Advisory Commission are keeping an eye on rising water levels. 

“This time last year, we were without snow for six weeks,” said Tom Hawley with the National Weather Service.

He said Maine's snow pack is raising some concerns for springtime flooding.

“We got a big snow pack on the ground and that certainly bares some watching,” he said.

Other members of the Commission agree, but say they are confident that the snow that is left, will not be a major concern.

“We're hopeful though that the longer term warmer weather, cooling nights will slowly melt that snow pack and not lead to any significant major flooding across the state,” said Nick Stasulis, the Data Section Chief with the US Geological Survey.

The real driving force behind flooding he said, is rainfall.

Hawley said he does not see any significant rainfall in the next couple of weeks, although those living in flooding zones, especially in Northern Maine should have an emergency plan just in case.