DOVER, N.H. (NEWS CENTER) - The man accused of attacking a woman in a New Hampshire parking lot, hitting her nearly 40-times, was not required to appear in court after an agreement on his bail was reached.

The attack on 18-year Erin McCarthy was captured on video as she left work at a Planet Fitness last month. Police arrested Jordan Lamonde and charged him with second degree assault for the attack. Bail was set at $150,000 for Lamonde, but that’s knocked down to personal recognizance when he is accepted into the community corrections supervision program. It was not what the victim was hoping for.

“It's been a long ride but I'm not losing sleep, I'm not dwelling on it. I just want to see him get what's coming to him, that's why I am here today”, said Erin McCarthy.

McCarthy never got the chance to look the man accused of attacking her in the eye like she had hoped. Jordan Lamonde’s arraignment was canceled after his attorney submitted a not guilty plea on paper.

"The state and I reached a joint conclusion that he was not a danger to the community under and with these conditions of release. He won’t be a danger to the community”, said Lamonde's attorney John Durkin.

Under the agreement Lamonde will wear a GPS tracking device to keep him away from the victim.

“He’ll be on a GPS unit, which will put exclusion zones. If he were to enter into any of these zones it will immediately alert the court, the police will be notified and he will be arrested”, said Deputy County Attorney Tim Sullivan.

Investigators say Lamonde sat in his car in the parking for 8 hours that night, waiting for McCarthy to leave work. The attack was captured on video and viewed thousands of times on the internet, including by McCarthy herself.

“You could actually see him physically straddling me and like throwing back punches. That was so frustrating to watch because I just couldn't do anything about it”, she said.

McCarthy says she never met Lamonde and does not know him. She believes he attacked her to get back at her ex-boyfriend. According to the police affidavit Lamonde accused her ex of stealing a safe containing $30,000.

“I just know it's some random dude who is nuts and doesn't think clearly, so I haven't been sketchy or paranoid checking my shoulder or anything. I'm also very careful who I hang out with considering my ex put me in that situation”, McCarthy said.

She says she’s just trying to put that night behind her. She says she has few reminders of the attack.

“Honestly the worst thing I got was the scars on my hands, that's it and if you rub your finger on my forehead, I have this tiny bump, but that's it. That's all he did to me”, she said.

If Convicted Lamonde faces a sentence of 3 and a half to 7 years in a New Hampshire prison.