Around 1000 people remembered 16-year-old Tabytha or “Taby” Hembree during a vigil on the Gardiner Area High School soccer Friday night.
Friends of Hembree's, her soccer teammates and her teachers all spoke about her kindness and willingness to help others.
One girl told the crowd how she'd only known Hembree for a few minutes when she began to make her feel welcome on the soccer team and taught her new skills.
The team also released a pair of balloons in Hebree's honor. and lit candles as it got dark.
Hembree died early Friday morning from injuries she sustained in a car accident on her way to school Thursday.
She and her 12-year-old brother were taken to an Augusta hospital after their SUV pulled out in front of a dump truck on Route 27 in Pittston.
The truck hit the SUV, flipping it over.
Gardiner area school officials say as soon as news of the crash got to students, they began trying to find ways to help her family and show them support.

“This community never ceases to amaze me at how tight-knit they are,” said GAHS principal, Chad Kempton. “They're so supportive of our kids, Taby being one of them. She was a student athlete, she was a scholar, she was a theatre and drama student, just a very multi-talented student for us/ The number of people that are here just shows how many different circles of friends she had.”

The high school canceled all sports activities Friday so students could cope with Hembree’s loss and attend the vigil.