PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Senior Officials from the Arctic Council gathered for a two day conference at Portland's Westin this week.

Over 200 people attended and discussed the Council's work on climate change and resilience, black carbon and methane, oil pollution prevention and response and other issues of concern to the Council and the Arctic region as a whole.

The United States currently holds the two year rotating Chairmanship of the Council. The U.S. holds that spot until 2017.

This meeting was the first meeting under the U.S. chairmanship to be held outside of Alaska.

"We have a saying in the arctic council that goes what happens in the arctic doesn't stay in the arctic. The effects of climate change in arctic are being felt already outside of the arctic and there is potential for that to continue so places like Portland will have some connection to the arctic in that way," said David Balton the current chair of the Senior Arctic Officials.

The Council's next meeting will be back in Alaska and that will take place in March of 2016.