PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Anthony Sanborn post-conviction review ended abruptly Wednesday as a deal was reached to end the hearing.

Sanborn was found guilty of the brutal 1989 murder of teenager Jessica Briggs in Portland. He was sentenced in 1992 to serve 70 years in prison but was granted bail in April 2017 after a key witness recanted her testimony.

That 70-year sentence has been vacated for Sanborn to time served when he was released on bail.

VIDEO: Press conference following deal reached in Anthony Sanborn case

Sanborn through his attorney said he accepted the jury verdict and "will do time even though I don't know that I was responsible for Jessica's death."

Sanborn's attorney said later in a press conference that Tony is "ready to live his life," and he's "100 percent innocent."

VIDEO: Deal reached in Anthony Sanborn case

Sanborn was the first convicted murderer in Maine to be released on bail.

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A post-conviction review hearing began Tuesday, Oct. 10.