BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Literacy Volunteers of Bangor have put on their annual 'Literacy Tea' for the past five years -- it is a fundraiser that raises money for the groups adult literacy programs and encourages those of all ages to pick up a book and read.

The event has had much success over the years and draws in hundreds of guests of all ages. This year Maine author Jeannie Brett made a special appearance sharing her book 'My Cat, Coon Cat'. The program aims to help adults that are illiterate or below average readers gain the skills they need to be more successful. 

"We get pretty excited when we are working with moms and dads that don't read that well because we know when we are helping moms and dads we are going to be affecting everybody in that family," Mary Lyon said. Lyon is the Executive Director of 'Literacy Volunteers of Bangor'.

"I can help my kids for reading for the school, I help them a little more with homework and I can write a little better -- the program opened an opportunity for a better life," Ana Guzman said. Guzman has been using the program for over a year now.