PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For the fifth year in a row the Bike Coalition of Maine is kicking off its annual 'Bike to Work' event -- it starts at 7:30 a.m. in Payson Park.

Organizers expect dozens of cyclists to show up to ride together over to Monument Square. Its an easy pace ride that will take them through Back Cove, Eastern Prom and the Old Port.They say they actually get a lot of people that have never biked to work before show up to participate every year and the response has been very positive.

This event falls right in the middle of national bike month every year -- its a way to get more people on their bikes or recognize those who already bike to work everyday.

"It runs the gambit of people who are first time bike commuters to people that have been doing this for years and its just a fun way to recognize those people and encourage more and more to try it" Hall said. Hall is the coalition's development director.

The Bike Coalition of Maine uses days like this to show people that biking can be fun and efficient -- they encourage anyone who can bike to work to do so. Organizers say not only is it better for the environment but its good for you.

"This week really we want to encourage people to be commuting or continue commuting on their bikes and remember how much fun it is to start your day with a nice little ride and start your morning having had a little bit of exercise and not having to deal with parking, so how much more could you ask for" Liz Hall said.