The aftershocks of the Unite the Right Rally this past weekend in Virginia are still being felt. The rally was held to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from a park in Charlottesville.

Among those who attended the rally was a Mainer, who only wanted NEWS CENTER to identify him as "Mike."

Mike says he attended the rally to support free speech, including speech that could be considered "extreme." He says he also attended because he doesn't think it is right to take down Confederate monuments such as the Robert E. Lee statue.

Many say the Unite the Right Tally demonstration last weekend was a showing of white supremacy, the belief that white people are superior to all other races. However, this Mainer says that was not the intention he had going into the rally.

"This was not a white supremacist event," Mike said, acknowledging that there were some white supremacist that did attend.

Mike doesn't consider himself to be white supremacist, although he says he agrees with many principles of white nationalism.

Mike says he and other protestors were attacked by counter protesters before the rally officially began, claiming that he counter protestors poured urine on him. Despite this, he believes the Alt-Right movement is growing.

NEWS CENTER's Tennyson Coleman reports.

EDITOR"S NOTE: This story has been updated from its original posting on August 14, 2017.