BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Allegiant Air flies in and out of Maine, specifically out of Bangor International Airport. A new report shows Allegiant Air is 4 times more likely to break down in midair than any other major United States airline.

Allegiant Air, on average has several flights in and out of Bangor during the week

The Tampa Bay Times investigation is a first of it's kind analysis of Federal Aviation Records.

It found in 2015 alone, their jets were forced to make at least 77 unexpected landings for serious mechanical issues. The study shows that's four times more than any other airline.

None of those landings triggered any enforcement from the FAA.

The times also found nearly half of all the company's 86 planes broke down at least once in 2015.

You may remember NEWS CENTER covered one allegiant airlines flight in December of 2015..

It was going from Orlando to Bangor.. And forced to land in Providence after passengers reported a strong smell of smoke during the flight. No one was hurt..

Allegiant's CEO is responding to the investigation. He told the Times, “I don't disagree with the thrust of your numbers. … We want to be well-known as being reliable and on time, and obviously safe" said Maurice Gallagher Jr.