SQUARE LAKE TOWNSHIP, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – The search for two missing men continues in Aroostook County after their boat capsized on Square Lake.

It has been 36 hours since Wardens started searching for four missing boaters. So far, two have been found -- one alive, one dead from hypothermia.

Divers pulled the body of 56-year-old Martin Chambers from the water on Wednesday afternoon following tips from the 23-year-old survivor, Charles Guimond.

The remaining two men have been identified as 42-year-old Eric Sherwood, and 51-year-old Mark Chambers.
Wardens believe Sherwood and Chambers may have drowned or suffered from hypothermia.
Although life jackets were onboard, but none of the passengers were wearing them when the boat capsized.
Officials said there was too much weight in the small boat which caused it to take on water.

“And then you had the high winds which created waves, so those two incidences together caused it to capsize,” said Sergeant Daniel Menard of the Maine Warden Service.

Wardens said the search could continue for the next several days due to inclement weather and the large search area.