LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A leader of the Black Lives Matter movement paid a visit to Bates College Tuesday night.

You may not know the name Shaun King but a lot of people do.

He's a journalist with the New York Daily News who has more than 380,000 Twitter followers.

Tuesday, he gave a lecture on why Colin Kaepernick has been taking a knee during the national anthem at NFL football games.

He says it's been happening because American has reached a very low level of humanity.

In an interview afterwards with NEWS CENTER King were also critical of Governor LePage's recent comments on race.

“What I don't think he understands is how it makes people feel,” said King. “I don't even know that he cares.”

Others in the crowd agree and think some Maine political leaders should be required to attend events that raise awareness about societal problems with race.

“I think it's important that we make it so people like our governor or city officials have to attend things like this,” said Atia Werah of Portland.

Governor LePage was invited by Bates College but told its staff said he was committed to a different obligation yesterday evening.

We did reach out to the governor's office to see if they had a response to these remarks.

NEWS CENTER has yet to receive a response.