ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The man accused of assaulting and kidnapping a local woman Wednesday night made his court appearance on those charges Friday in Rockland at the Knox County Courthouse.

Shane Hall already has a long criminal record for offenses mostly in the Greater Portland Area, but now faces six new charges. The most serious of those are kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Friday was Hall’s initial appearance on those charges, so he was not required to enter a plea.

He’s accused of grabbing the woman as she walked home from work along a Main Street sidewalk in Rockland at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Court documents, including police affidavits, show the victim said she tried to fight her attacker off on that sidewalk, but Hall overpowered her and choked her until she passed out. The statement said Hall then shoved her into his car.

During the police chase that ensued a short time later, she regained consciousness and fought back, despite a threat from Hall to kill her with a knife. At the same time she was reportedly fighting Hall in the car, the woman managed to dial 911 on her phone to scream for help, and then grabbed the steering wheel, possibly leading to Hall crashing the car.

Police called her “a very brave, young woman."

In court, bail was set at $250,000 cash. The assistant DA said the amount was justified by the severity of the crime. The defense lawyer said the amount was unreasonable and asked the court to allow the question of bail to be revisited once Hall has secured his own lawyer.

Hall asked the court to provide him with a lawyer, suggesting he cannot afford to hire one himself.

Rockland Police, meanwhile, said they still want to learn more about Shane Hall, including how long and why he was in Rockland,0 since he appears to have an address in Portland. They also want to find out if he could be connected to any other crimes.

Police chief Bruce Boucher told NEWS CENTER that, so far, Hall had not been willing to give investigators much information.