BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Birthdays are often a time in our lives to take stock of the mark we've left on the world. As Stephen King turns 70 on Thursday, his mark is all around us.

King has a particular ability through his writing to find the underlying terror in the most mundane, everyday things. You can thank (or blame) his books for the chill that runs up your spine whenever a red balloon floats by.

Stephen King's most popular books include Carrie, The Shining, The Stand and IT

King has done this trick so frequently that we decided to make a game of it. Join us on a scavenger hunt for 13 iconic objects from many of his most popular books. Use the list below as your guide. We've assigned points to each item on a sliding scale based on their scarcity.

Tim Curry terrified the children of fictional Derry, Maine as the evil clown, Pennywise, in the television adaptation of Stephen King's novel IT that aired on ABC in 1990
  • Red balloon (from IT) - 1 point
  • Red Sox hat (from The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon) - 2 points, add 100 points if it's autographed
  • Dog collar (from Kujo) - 5 points
  • Blueberry pie (from The Body, adapted into the movie Stand by Me) - 5 points
  • Crystal (from The Talisman) - 10 points
Sissy Spacek lays waste to the Bates High School Senior Prom as the telekinetic protagonist of the 1976 horror film 'Carrie'
  • Prom dress (from Carrie) - 50 points
  • Sledgehammer (from Misery) - 50 points
  • Handcuffs (from Gerald's Game) - 75 points
  • Pres. Kennedy campaign button (from 11/22/63) - 100 points
  • Typewriter (from The Shining) - 150 points
  • Revolver (from The Dark Tower series) - 200 points
  • Rita Hayworth poster (from Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption) - 500 points
  • Plymouth Fury (from Christine) - 1,000 points

NEWS CENTER's Dustin Wlodkowski gave himself two hours to see how many items he could check off the list. He finished with a score of 347. Can YOU do better?

Give yourself one bonus point for every item you find in King's hometown of Bangor. And images you find online don't count. Everything must be found in the real world. Happy hunting!