LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- When they saw an overwhelming need in their community, a Lewiston family wanted to help.

"We feel blessed with what we have," said Kevin Boilard. "Anytime we can give assistance to people who are less fortunate is something that just hits that trigger for us."

The Boilards talked to their 9-year-old daughter Kayden, who loved the idea of bringing food to families whose own children may be going hungry. Now, news of Kaydenz Kitchen is spreading.

"Throughout the week we just kept buying extra items," said Kayden.

If you need help, just ask. They'll pack up a box or two, and bring it over.

"Most food pantries open in the morning," said recipients, Shawn and Katie. "Our oldest daughter gets on the bus at 8, we wouldn't be able to go."

You can find more information at Facebook.com/KaydenzKitchen.