HAMPDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The 8th annual Taylor Tip-Off is taking place Sunday across the state. The annual basketball tourney seeks to raise awareness and money for children who have lost parents to domestic violence across the state.

Hampden is just one of several locations where it is taking place. Although teams are competing in many locations they all have one common goal. To help children that have been effected by domestic violence.

The tournament takes place from Saco all the way up to Presque Isle.

"This event Taylor Tip-Off raises lots of money for all of the families that are directly effected by domestic violence and who have lost a parent by being killed in a domestic violence tragedy...In 2013 my sister was killed by her boyfriend and I have our family has her small children. This tournament raises a lot of money and it keeps the money in the community and it helps all the families directly impacted by domestic violence" said Tracey Haskell who lost her sister to a domestic violence incident.

What makes this tourney unique is that there is no entry fee to play. Instead teams are asked to raise money which is donated to the Taylor Memorial Fund.

"It has a lot more meaning then just playing like a game because you're playing to raise money for something that is really important especially to people that are local and it's a local issue" said 8th grader Victoria Dunphy who took part in the tournament.

Originally the tournament was started back in 2009 to help the Taylor sisters who lost their parents to domestic violence.

Since then the basketball tournament has grown to help other children and families. Last year more than 150 teams competed and more than $30,000 was raised. This year they hope to raise more.

"It's very heartfelt so we can end domestic violence as a community so we can end it all together" said Sarah Poli an 8th grader who competed in the event.

"It does happen and that it does it kills people and that it ruins families and it's so important that our community comes together when things like that happen as ours has here" said Haskell.

If you are someone you know is impacted by domestic violence here are some resources:

Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence

Department of Health and Human Services