AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If someone were to offer to grant your wish, what would it be? Maybe an exotic vacation, or a new car, or attending your favorite sporting event...

For an 83-year-old woman who lives in a nursing home in Sanford, her dream was a simple one: to be reunited with her sisters. That dream came true on Thursday thanks to help from the community.

Since 2009, Maine Health Care Association's Live your Dreams program has listening to the wishes of Maine's elderly citizens, then working to make them come true.

Natalie Nimon's wish was to reunite with her sisters, Marie Dobson and Connie McDougall, whom she hasn't been in the same room with in several years.

Connie lives in Hartland, Marie in Howland, and Natalie is cared for at a nursing facility in Sanford. This happy reunion was a long time coming, and couldn't have happened without help. Thanks to rides from members of Live Your Dream, the were all able to meet at the Red Barn in Augusta for lunch.

"I'm very happy. But I don't express my happiness well," says Nimon. "I'm afraid I'll cry. That's the next thing."

The tears will have to wait. The sisters have too much to catch up on. And they're thankful others could make the time to help them do it.