CARIBOU, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Maine Marine World War II veteran was buried on Monday.

Pvt. Alberic Blanchette did not return home in 1943. He was listed as missing in action (MIA) for decades.

This past summer, Pvt. Blanchette’s body was identified using modern technology.

More than 60 people gather at Blanchette’s funeral service in Caribou. Among them was Blanchette’s young sister, Louann Rogers. Rogers was only 4 years old when her brother traveled overseas to fight in the war and has just a few memories of him.

"He would put me on his neck and grab my feet and put me on his bicycle,” Rogers said. “My mother would be on the porch yelling don't you drop her. she would walk the porch until he got back. And he would be like see mom I told you"

Blanchette was buried next to his parents and with full military honors.

"We had a bedroom upstairs that face the railroad tracks.” Rogers said. “Every day my Uncle Joe and I would go up. He would say the train is coming in maybe he'll be on this one. We did that for years. No one ever came but he's home now"