MSAD 11, which includes Gardiner schools, is investigating why a 5 year-old boy was not dropped off at home after riding the bus from school.
The boy was found Tuesday afternoon, trying to make his way home on the side of a busy road.
The driver of the bus he was became stuck on is now on administrative leave.
Gardiner's police chief says his department is now investigating whether or not the driver of the bus neglected the child criminally.

“We'll see if the activity that occurred, the bus drivers activity or lack of activity that occurred rises to a criminal nature,” said Chief James Toman.
Police are looking at school district policies and any security video they can find to determine that.
That's similar to what Patricia Hopkins, superintendent of MSAD 11, is doing right now.

“We do have a bus driver handbook that specifically lays out that at the end of every bus run, you are supposed to walk to your bus to make sure that all of the students have disembarked,” said Hopkins.
Hopkins says the school district is conducting its own investigation and has placed the driver of the boy's bus on administrative leave while the investigation continues.
The superintendent also says the district has very clear and strict policies that should have prevented this situation in the first place.
Superintendent Hopkins would not say if she knows whether or not the boy’s driver violated any policies because that’s part of the ongoing investigation.