BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — For the fourth year in a row, the Challenger Learning Center of Maine is selling premium Aroostook County potatoes to help raise money for students.

Each 50-pound bag of potatoes costs $25, and all proceeds will be used to help fulfill the Challenger’s mission to inspire Maine students in math and science education.

The bags were preordered online and picked up on Saturday or bought onsite.

Volunteers from nearby universities helped carry the bags of potatoes into the vehicles.

The executive director said it's a great way to give back to a pressing issue.

"There's such a need and there's such a demand right now for careers in the technical fields, in engineering and technical science," Susan Jonason said. "Our role is to help light those flames of passion in students to help them say, 'hey, that could be me.'"

An unprecedented 150 bags of potatoes were sold this year.