PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The city of Portland ushered in the summer season with the 44th annual Old Port Festival on Sunday.

Locals and visitors of all ages packed Portland's downtown historic Old Port. Many came to listen to live music by local bands on multiple stages throughout the area, others came to buy food and gifts from the more than 250 vendors; the rest came to patron the local businesses and restaurants and watch the crowds. Some visitors weren't even from Maine, but were delighted to stumble across the festival while exploring Portland on their vacation.

"It's so much fun!" said Carol and Jeff Urban who are vacationing from Kansas City, Missouri. The couple did not know about the festival and were captivated when they arrived in the Old Port. "Lots of food, lots of really good food. Lots of good painting and good art. It's beautiful down here."

The heat didn't keep the crowds at bay either, even when temperatures surpassed 90 degrees.