OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- We're the first state to see the sunrise, but you don't have to be in Maine to enjoy it.

Todd Burgess and Ryan Lessard have been working together for about a decade, but within the last two years they have been posting their video products online at Yesah Digital. They use drones to capture sunrises all across Maine that you can watch with the use of Facebook live.

"This is really neat to go out and kind of do something that we love and then turn around and put it online and then share with all these people and people that don't usually get to see a sunrise in Old Orchard Beach or a sunrise in Maine," said Burgess.

The pair have posted videos of Nubble Lighthouse, Old Orchard Beach, Tumbledown Mountain and more iconic spots in Maine. They can see the action in their camera view finders and live it again during the editing process, but nothing compares to the exact moment the sun hits their eyes in person.

"Every time I bring that drone up I think it's a special moment and I love it," said Burgess.

To see some of their videos, or to watch a Facebook live of one of their sunrises, click here.