LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Work Opportunities Unlimited finds jobs for workers living with a disability. Last year was their best year ever and Aaron Stone was a big part of that.

Stone works in the Lewiston area helping people living with a disability find employment. Last year 56 people were put on a pay roll because of him, the most placements of anyone working at Work Opportunities Unlimited, earning him the Roger LaChapelle Award.

"It's so important that everybody views themselves as able," said Stone. "I tend to believe that the only true disability is a bad attitude."

One person who Stone helped was 46-year-old Leon Proctor Jr. who is legally blind. Stone met with Proctor several times at his home, in the community and anywhere else that was convenient. It was those meetings and Stone's persistence that made the difference.

"He was very on it," said Proctor. "We were on calls almost every day, or every other day. He really showed the care and attention to get me a job."

Work Opportunities Unlimited placed around 1,400 people with jobs last year.