It's the age old question; if a man dressed as a tree gets arrested in Maine, will the rest of the world hear about it?

The answer is yes! Joining us now to talk about Maine's big trending story and more is 207's social media contributor, Brett Whitmarsh.

Let's talk about how this story took off?

I often get asked, how do you make something go viral? Well, it's hard to force it, it has to happen organically like in this case. We had a combination of an odd story, with the right influencers on social media pushing it further up in the world. In this case, NEWS CENTER'S Ted Varipatis, who has a pretty good healthy amount of followers, tweeted out the initial pictures and video of "treeguy" blocking traffic. It started to get re-tweeted, a lot. Soon it was re-tweeted by best-selling author Neil Gaiman, who we've interviewed on 207. He added a very funny line and then his millions of followers took it from there. Later in the night it was caught by comedian Kathy Griffin, who also added a comedic take. Then it became the a top story on Twitter's national stories feed. The next day BuzzFeed got involved and it just kept growing. Ted has over 15,000 retweets and over 19,000 likes on his original Tweet. Not to mention the 1.1 million views on the WCSH6 Facebook page.

A few weeks ago a job went viral that offered to work with Pandas. But you found one Panda keeper who might disagree?

I might not speak the same language as this woman, but I can tell what she’s saying. It seems as though Pandas really like to mess with people. This video is about a year old, but only started to trend in the last couple of weeks. It’s has over 4 million views on Facebook. No matter how hard this poor woman tries, the Pandas thwart her at every turn. And if you love Panda videos, I strongly recommend the Pandapia YouTube channel where this video came from. They work to document every giant panda.

One big story that broke today was Twitter announced it would be shutting down Vine. What do you make of this?

Twitter has had a very rough year. Between large drop offs in users, their inability to grow new users and general issues internally, they needed to do something on the business front to save money. They also announced they'll be having layoffs at Twitter too. But users need to know is that some time in the coming months Vine will be going away. No official date has been announced yet. One of the original creators of Vine tweeted his frustration earlier today saying: "don't sell your company." Vine faced competition from Snapchat and Instagram. They were bought by Twitter in 2012, on a positive side, Twitter announced that Twitter TV is coming to Apple TV where NFL games are streamed. So we're looking to learn more about that:

Google announced two weeks ago that fact-checking would be coming to search, can you explain this more?

Yes, it was initially misunderstood as Google doing the fact checking, but rather they're adding a tag to the news search. Google will tag articles that have been fact checked by legitimate news organizations to help you avoid misleading stories or the problem Facebook is seeing with bogus stories that started to trend. Google is using the International Fact-checking Network and The Duke University Journalism Lab. They've verified over 100 journalism sites.

There’s a debate going on over an older photo online?

Who do you see in this photo, Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?
While the photo is more than three years old, just this week the image has grown a weird debate. Despite the fact the original poster insists it’s Bill Murray, many see Tom Hanks. Here’s where I would say you decide, but no, it’s Bill Murray.

We’re just days away from Halloween, and you have a few quick mentions of some kids going viral for their costumes?

One girl couldn’t decide between dressing as a Jedi or Elsa from Frozen, so she combined them and created Jedi Elsa.

Then we have a three-year old who wanted to be Wonder Woman. Her father, digital artist John Rossi, wanted her Halloween to be epic. So he upped the level by spending $1500 on an authentic Wonder Woman costume and then re-created the forthcoming Wonder Woman movie scenes.

And another three year-old recently won over many hearts on the internet with her school picture dressed as Supergirl. She was pretty dedicated to the costume too. She was reluctant to take it off until dad offered up a Spiderman costume.

And you leave us tonight with a quick video, of two kind cats?

There’s not much to say, the video says it all, but these two very kind cats learn pretty quickly that sharing means caring.

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