SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation used a climbing wall to thank veterans living with physical and emotional disabilities.

Around 12 veterans living with physical and emotional disabilities took part in a free climbing clinic at Salt Pump Climbing Company in Scarborough. The event was put in by Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation in honor of veterans day according to executive director of Maine Adaptive Barbara Schneider.

"We just recognize that they are so important to our freedoms," said Schneider. "They're so important to our way of life. It's a way of appreciating what they've done for us."

The beginning plan of what climbing path to take is just as important as strength when you're about to climb 45 feet off the ground. Vietnam Veteran Peter Sargent had a fear of heights when he first started climbing, but was able to get over his fear.

"I put it into combat mode," said Sargent. "If I really want to get there I just go do it. I'm going to get there."

Sargent's wounds from war are evident with a prosthetic right leg. When he returned home from Vietnam he discovered that helping others enabled him to help himself. He's been volunteering at Maine Adaptive for 25 years and helped Army Veteran San Pao make it to the top of a climbing wall for the first time.

"It is one of the things that allows veterans like myself a channel, an outlet to be able to come here and just really climb to new heights," said Pao.

Maine Adaptive holds veterans events through out the entire year. The next one will be their Winter Veteran's Ski Camp at Sunday River from January 25-28.