CUMBERLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Sometimes we find stories and sometimes stories find us.

The latter happened yesterday as 207 videographer Devin Crawford and I were coming from back from a shoot on Chebeague Island.

As we were getting off the shuttle bus that takes people to the ferry, we saw a woman with two pugs and a pig, all three on leashes, all of them about to get on the bus. The pig is named Daisy.

Her owner is a guy named Farmer Minor, who takes her around to schools and libraries as part of a program designed to encourage kids to read. It's called Pig Out on Reading.

Daisy and Farmer Minor, who are from Connecticut, have been traveling around doing this for more than fifteen years. Farmer Minor said that Daisy has more than 1,200 library cards.

The pig and the pugs were loaded onto the bus, put in a little cart, and were then bound for Chebeague Island for a couple of weeks of vacation. That is one fortunate pig.