WATERVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Thomas College had its largest commencement ceremony yet on Saturday. There were 225 graduates receiving diplomas, including Jack Mosher.

Mosher completed the college's eight month accelerated Masters of Business Administration (MBA) course. The 53-year-old was surrounded with students half his age. He didn't just look out for himself during classes, but showed his leadership skills by helping his younger classmates along the way.

"He was a star student, he dug deeper into the learning material, extracted more information and in discussions would lead the class and they would learn from him," said professor Dr. Frank Appunn.

While studying for his finals, Mosher would often have his sons Nate and Harrison help him. A family that has leaned on each other, especially when times get tough. No more so than when the boys' mother took her own life after a long struggle with mental illness.

"Sit my boys on the couch and explain to them that their mom would not be coming home again," said Mosher.

The single dad went from one trauma to another. The Army veteran suffered a stroke to the right temporal portion of his brain affecting his memory and speech. Some of the darkest times of Mosher's life followed, but his family got him through months of every type of therapy imaginable. That included neurotherapy that inspired Jack to go back to college in pursuit of a masters degree.

"First essay I ever had to write took me over an hour to write a paragraph," said Mosher.

The college graduate spoke at Thomas' commencement ceremony representing the graduate division at Thomas College. He talked about the future as someone who knows how important it is to push towards a better one.

"It was a lot of work," said Mosher. "But I feel pretty damn fortunate to be where I am today."

Mosher is the founder and CEO of Gold Star Outfitters that offers outdoor opportunities to Gold Star families and veterans.