ID=10324593(NEWS CENTER) -- "Haunt ME" is a web series that focuses on a group of five paranormal investigators who explore different homes and buildings in Maine looking for unusual activity. The series features Ashley Brooks, Carol Cleveland, Ty Gowen, Shawn Ruarke and Katie Webb. During season one of the series, the team visited the old Biddeford textile mills, the Irish Heritage Center, the Maine Street Grill in Standish and the oldest farm in Limington. Season two of "Haunt ME" sees the investigators visiting Hillside Hall, Fort Knox and Portland's Masonic Temple among other locations.

To celebrate their second season, the team from Haunt ME is holding a Supernatural Soiree at Space Gallery in Portland on Friday, June 13th. The event will feature music from General Vibe, Altered Gee, Video Nasties and DJ KTTN MTTNZ. Tickets are $8.

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