Caroline Spence is a singer and songwriter who is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Her voice is remarkable - but so are the words she sings.

Her soprano is beautiful. She has fine control over its contours. She sings powerfully, but there's also something haunted and worn to it. Her vocal skills are even more remarkable considering she didn't really start focusing on her voice until about five years ago.

Spence had moved to Nashville to write music. She loves songs and that's the thing she wanted to do. Even though she'd always sung growing up, she didn't consider it for herself until she was testing out her songs at open mics and got repeated compliments on her instrument.

Spence is performing at One Longfellow Square on Thursday, May 18th. She'll be sharing the stage with Mainer Connor Garvey, who she met at a songwriting competition. She says jokingly that they tied on the award they won, though, so there's no animosity.