SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Sundays are often kite flying day at Bug Light Park in South Portland. Members of the Nor'Easters Kite Club are ready for some good weather so they can contribute to that weekend hobby.

Tony Otis helped start the club with his friend Tony Heeschen in 2004. The pair spend several weekends from April to October flying kites with other members at Bug Light Park. The more flyers that show up the more fun that's going to be had. People can't help but stop and ask how Hank Manseau gets his giant 250 feet long kites into the air. He doesn't mind though because that's his favorite part of flying.

"If it weren't for people coming by and sharing their emotions, I wouldn't do this," said Manseau. "If I come here and there's nobody here on the field I won't fly a kite."

Otis doesn't just enjoy his hobby from the field, but also at his basement work room where he's been sewing and building kites since 1976. He's built around 135 kites that vary in size. Every one that makes it into the air represents the craftsman's success.

"It's science, it's physics, it's geometry, it's art, it's everything that is now actually doing what you would hope it would do," said Otis."I'm 9-years-old all over again."

Nor'Easters Kite Club will hold their annual Bug Light Festival May 20th at Bug Light Park in South Portland.