ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — How impressive are Will Greene’s time-lapse videos of the night skies above Acadia National Park? Well, consider this. When our news director met him last year during the park’s 100th anniversary, he instantly offered Will a job. Will was nineteen years old.

Acadia Youth Technology Team 2016 Final Video from Friends of Acadia on Vimeo.

It tells you something about Will that, for the past two summers, he’s actually had a better job as a member of the Acadia Youth Technology Team. Its mission: to create compelling visual stories about Acadia and then aim them at a young audience. The four members of the team spend much of their time exploring the park in search of eye-catching images, which they edit and post mainly on Facebook and Instagram. “I couldn’t ask for a better place to live and be able to take photos and videos than Acadia,” said team member Matt Lambert. “It just almost falls right into my lap.”

If spending summers in the most spectacular place in Maine and getting paid to capture its wonders sounds like a dream job, the members of the Youth Technology Team wouldn’t disagree. “Does it every worry you,” I asked Will, “that you’re twenty years old and this might be the coolest job you ever have in your life?”

“I think about that a lot,” he said. “I try not to take the job for granted because I know there’s a very good chance that I might not ever be able to have another job where I literally just get to take pictures in a beautiful place.”