PORTLAND, ME (NEWS CENTER) - Steve Underwood is an unlikely entrepreneur.

He graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in mechanical engineering, but for the last sixteen years he's devoted most of his time to the Good Theater in Portland, where he's worked as an actor, director, set designer and more.

These days, though, Underwood is pouring most of his energy into his business, Deep Blue Design in Scarborough, which makes a tripod Underwood helped design called Pakpod.

The business started when Underwood, at age 50, went to Florida and learned to freedive. His love of diving deep underwater with no scuba gear quickly took him into dozens of lakes and streams in Maine. He started photographing what he found while he was underwater.

And he found a real need for a light, portable, rugged tripod - the birth of Pakpod.

He ran a Kickstarter, which became the second-highest-funded in Maine, and now spends a lot of his time filling orders.