SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - (NEWS CENTER) South Portland's Wes McCauley must really love the summer. That's because he spends the other nine months of the year on a sheet of ice.

McCauley is widely considered the best referee in the National Hockey League. How good is he? He's been chosen to referee the last four Stanley Cup finals. That's quite an honor for a guy who just ten years ago was refereeing Portland Pirates games at the Cumberland County Civic Center.

McCauley learned from the best, his dad. John McCauley was appreciated by fans and players alike when he was patrolling Maine Mariners games in the 70's and 80's. As a matter of fact, fans would cheer when John McCauley's name was announced as the game's referee. That is a rarity and the ultimate sign of respect.

Wes says his days of playing hockey helped him make the transition from defenseman to official. McCauley was the captain of the Michigan State hockey team before toiling in the minor leagues for years before injuries cut his career short. He now lives in South Portland with his wife and three children.