SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Rolling out your yoga mat gives you an opportunity to leave the stress of the day at the door and center yourself. Every few months at Samudra Studio in Saco, there's several furry friends to help relax you.

Sitting room only on the floor of Samudra can only mean on thing, kitten yoga. A class taught with five to ten kittens running around the student's hands and feet. Sarah Spiegel has taught the class three times so far this year after discovering the combination of yoga and kittens while visiting a friend out of state. Deciding that it was something she needed to try at home to lighten the mood.

"I love seeing everyone smile and laugh and it feels like it brings everyone together kind of instantaneously," said Spiegel.

All the money paid to attend the yoga class goes straight to the Hart of Maine Adoption Center where the kittens running around came from. Helping to buy food for the animals and get the word out about their kitten foster home system, but it also helps with adoptions. Jennifer Willett adopted two kittens during the first class offered.

"I actually have a picture of them meeting for the first time and they had never seen each other before and they kind of bumped noses and he climbed up into the bag with her and went to sleep," said Willett. "There wasn't really a choice for me besides being able to adopt them."

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