(NEWS CENTER) -- "The U.S. military does a really good job of making sure these guys are very regimented and listen, and if you tell them what to do, they'll do it." Rob Windsor is one of the instructors of the Warrior Sailing Program.

It was founded just a few years ago by Ben Poucher, who wanted to give back to those who've sacrificed a lot for their country.

The program gets veterans who have wounds, physical or otherwise, out onto the open water.

"I am impressed," said Windsor. "I have some friends and I have made some friends from being involved in the Warrior Sailing Program that are competitive sailors and that sail just as well, as long as we have some adaptations to make it to get them around the boat. Normally I move from one side to the other, and if I have you strapped in a chair that can't happen, so we have to figure out how to make it a little easier to get around the race course for some of the disabilities people have, and we have done that. We have made adaptations to the fields we use so we can make it so that everyone is safe and can still do their job to finish the race."

Windsor helps instruct new sailors off the coast of San Diego, but hopes to bring the program to Maine, where he spent a lot of his time growing up.

"You watch a guy come down the dock with the biggest puss on his face and we pull a couple of strings and I say, 'Hey we're sailing,' and that smile makes it all worthwhile."

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