PORTLAND, ME (NEWS CENTER) - In 1987, Maine voters approved borrowing $35 million dollars for a bond to help buy and preserve land. It was the first big step for the Land for Maine’s Future program, or LMF, which is now celebrating its thirtieth anniversary.

What has LMF accomplished in the past three decades? It has helped conserve some 600,000 acres in every county in Maine, land now used for hiking, boating, fishing, swimming and ATV riding but also for working farms, forests and waterfronts.

If this program had never existed, says Tim Glidden, former LMF director and current executive director of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, “Maine would probably not have some of the defining elements of its landscape available for the public.” Among the special places that have been preserved because of LMF: Mount Kineo on Moosehead Lake and the Bold Coast in Washington County.

Consider the length of the Maine coast, roughly 3,500 miles in all. “One percent of that coast is protected for public access,” Glidden says. “So without the Land for Maine’s Future program, what access we do have would really be at risk for loss.”

For more information about the program, you can check out their website at www.Landformainesfuture.org