PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Snowlion Repertory Company in Portland is focused for the next week on an issue the city is all too familiar with: panhandling.

The company is performing a one-of-a-kind collaborative theater piece called, "Anything Helps God Bless." The show is written by MK Wolfe and Al D'Andrea, who also directs it.

Eleven actors play 50 different roles in the show, representing the main players of the panhandling conversation; including Portland police, city councilors, lawyers and those holding signs.

The stories within the play are real, says producer, Margit Ahlin. She says the entire crew was out on the streets interviewing everyone involved and keeping diaries of how things played out when the median strip controversy was at its peak.

Mary Randall is one of the actors, who says it's strange to play a character that exists in real life, but video recordings have helped her and her fellow actors take on certain characteristics to truly help tell this story through drama and humor.

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