PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Breweries are no new thing in Maine with more and more micro-brews opening their doors every year. Portland Beer Week gives many of them an excuse to celebrate all things beer.

The event, that lasts from November 5-11, gives restaurants and bars a chance to get new customers into the door. It also gives beer enthusiasts the excuse to try new brews. Eric Michaud, Liquid Riot owner, doesn't hesitate to add his business to the list of beer week participants.

"It's a nice thing for us to participate in because it brings an extra focus on what's happening, this great scene that we're a part of," said Michaud.

Liquid Riot is always circulating new beers through its holding tanks. Around 60 types of beer, according to head brewer Greg Abbot, brewed with the intention to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

"It's a form of art creating this portrait in a glass," said Abbot.

There will be a Burlesque At The Riot at Liquid Riot on November 8 starting at 9 pm. For a full list of Portland Beer Week events, click here.