SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A motorized wheelchair that will help those living with a disability play the game of golf is now in Maine thanks to the DiDonato Paralysis Foundation.

The Paramobile device was debuted during this year's DiDonato Paralysis Foundation Charity Golf Outing. The three wheeled chair will help people with impaired mobility like Santo DiDonato, who founded the charity after an accident 17 years ago.

"I fell from a roof, so I'm a T-12 paraplegic," said DiDonato. "Was doing a job building a chimney and lost my footing and fell and had a star burst fracture of my T-12 vertebrate."

Now that the motorized wheel chair is available, DiDonato can once again enjoy standing activities such as golf. Anthony Netto, with the Stand Up And Play Foundation, designed and created the device. He helped teach DiDonato how to use Paramobile safely.

"The freedom you know, it starts in the head and you know you're not going to necessarily be perfect. Nobody is, especially when you're thinking golf," said Netto.

The charity golf outing raised around $22,000 for the DiDonato Paralysis Foundation.