PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Center of Portland's Monument Square got a facelift this month.

Workers from Taggert Objects Conservation in Georgetown spent days cleaning and restoring the Our Lady of Victories sculpture. Jonathan Taggert was in charge of pressure washing and restoring the sculpture that was dedicated in 1891 to honor the 5,000 soldiers from Portland who died in the Civil War. The statue wasn't treated at all during the first 100 years of its existence.

"Water runs down in the same place every time," said Taggert "With the protective coating on there, you'll no longer get the corrosion that's happening as the acid rain and water runs down that surface."

Taggert was hired by the city to treat several sculptures in the Portland area for $10,000. It took several days to get the job done, attracting passers by who looked up to check out the work in action.

"Days like this the market is something that everyone looks forward to," said owner of Sister's Gourmet Deli Michaela McVetty. "The monument is something that everyone looks forward to. It's awesome everyday to look out the window and see people taking pictures of it."

Our Lady of Victories has been cleaned and treated about every ten years, though Taggert says that might change because the recommendation is to have the work done every five.