PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Opera Maine has been the sole opera company in the state for 23 years. Wednesday will be opening night for it's newest showing of La Traviata.

The harmony of string and wind instruments will signal for you to get ready for the rise of the curtain and the start of La Traviata. It's the most performed opera in history with unforgettable music and a tragic love story. Opening in the the same city Dona Vaughn, Opera Maine artistic director, was asked to come to for the first opera performance 23 years ago.

"Beautiful city, very welcoming to the opera singers," said Vaughn. "We have the glorious place to sing. No one who has sung here ever doesn't want to come back and we have the quality of the production."

Encouraging young talent is something that's always been a priority at Opera Maine. Giving singers like Mackenzie Whitney a shot early on in their careers. He plays the role of Alfredo and in his opinion getting a ticket to see La Traviata is something you won't regret.

"Great show to see because it's a story of two people who really love each other, but because of differences in family and differences in lifestyle their love is kind of torn apart and through sickness and other things like that it really is a true tragedy, but it really is a beautiful opera," said Whitney.

The other half of the love story is the beautiful Violetta played by Maria Natale. Also in the early years of her career, the opportunity to perform with the cast at Opera Maine was a quick one. She recommends the show for those unfamiliar with the history of opera that influenced her to become a singer.

"Maybe have an appreciation for opera in the future," said Natale. "If this is their first time seeing a show, this is a very good first one to see."

La Traviata will be played at Merrill Auditorium Wednesday and Friday night at 7:30 p.m. For ticket information, click here.