BRIDGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On Eagles Wings was part of a buddy to buddy report we did here at News Center three years ago. That was when they first opened. Today their location in Bridgton has grown from one room to the entire building.

On Eagles Wings offers several free services for cancer patients from massages and facials to reflexology. A procedure where Ann Ruel, who's a licensed reflexologist, triggers the nervous system with her hands by hitting pressure points on the body.

"I tell them when they step through this door they can leave all their worries at the door and pick them up when they go back because for that two hours they're here they can just let it all go and they need to," said Ruel.

Appointments are free for those with cancer and their significant others. Ed Jilek has been through 28 sessions of radiation and 5 rounds of chemo since being diagnosed with esophageal cancer this year. He started scheduling reflexology appointments two years before his diagnoses.

"You have to go through chemo and radiation to understand what it does to your body. I don't think anybody understands what it does. It just beats you to death," said Jilek.

On Eagles Wings is open to the public as well. The money from those appointments is what goes towards allowing cancer patients to receive their free reflexology visits, massages and facials.