PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- When an old model truck gets dropped off at Dirigo Restoration, Jim Hall is ready for the job of restoring it to new again.

Hall has been restoring trucks his entire life, spending around 25 years of that time in the garage beds at Dirigo. His most recent task, to restore a 1938 Mack concrete truck at the end of its life. That was in December of 2015 and since then he's taken the chassis, engine, cab and brought back their shine. Next summer, when the job is done, will come his favorite part.

"The best part of it is when you get all done and you get in and you start the truck up and you can drive it," said Hall. "Then you can appreciate what you've done."

That truck will be on display at the Owls Head Transportation Museum, but most of the trucks he's worked on are on display at The Bickford Collection in Yarmouth. Trucks collected by his late friend, Irving Bickford, who's older models were put on display by his family after his death.

"He never stopped collecting trucks," said Hall. "He collected trucks all his life."

For more information about The Bickford Collection, click here.