(NEWS CENTER) - Christina Baker Kline was eight years old, living in Bangor, when her father gave her a woodcut inspired by the famous Andrew Wyeth painting called "Christina's World."

That painting portrays a real woman, Christina Olson, outside of her home in Cushing on the midcoast. Andrew Wyeth finished the painting in 1948. It is an American classic.

Three weeks ago, on the 100th anniversary of Wyeth's birth, the U.S. Postal Service released a series of stamps portraying his works, including one of "Christina's World."

Christina Baker Kline -- the woman who received the woodcut when she was eight -- is a writer who lives part of the year in Southwest Harbor.

Her last book, "Orphan Train," has sold more than three million copies. Christina Baker Kline's new novel weaves fact and fiction as it imagines the life of Christina Olson, the woman in the Andrew Wyeth painting.

The book is called "A Piece of the World"