As the year turns colder and darker it gets easier and easier to stay inside. We turn to Bull Moose for tips on how to keep oneself entertained.

"Captain Fantastic" – DVD, Blu-ray
Viggo Mortensen gives one of his most stellar performances as an eccentric yet devoted father who is committed to raising his six children off the grid until circumstances force them to leave their perfect world behind and re-enter civilization.

Lady Gaga – "Joanne" CD
Lady Gaga’s 4th album demonstrates her mastery of many pop styles on this diverse album.

"Lights Out "– DVD, Blu-ray
Lights Out is a nice 2016 ghost story. A woman and her two kids have to deal with a murderous ghost. We don’t want to say much more and ruin it for anybody. It’s scary.

Cypress Hill – Cypress Hill 25th anniversary – (CD in a black skull + book)
This won’t be out until Friday, but we can’t resist showing everyone a unique way to package a CD. Listening to it today, you hear the transition between 80s light-hearted rap and the heavier gangster rap of the 90s. This album deserves its status as a classic.

The Pretty Reckless – "Who You Selling For?" – CD, LP
Taylor Momsen, who fronts The Pretty Reckless, used to be best-known an actress. The last first woman-fronted rock band with three #1 singles in a row was The Pretenders. Their influences appear to be 70s rock plus more than a bit of Soundgarden.