PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Volleyball teams don't get much media attention during their regular season, but North Yarmouth Academy's girls varsity team sure has.

The team had their best season yet with a 12-4 record this year. During past seasons the panthers haven't been able to win more than six games, but their secret weapon isn't so secret anymore. Before every match the team stands in line, hand in hand, to sing the national anthem.

"Every game we always see the other team turn around," said junior Jordan Ackerman. "They're really surprised that it's us singing and the crowd always claps really loud for us and it's a good feeling."

It was the team's coach, Nora Krainis, who came up with the idea to have the girls sing. When she's not coaching volleyball, she's busy teaching vocal music to grades five through twelve.

"As new kids came on the team I would say part of being on the team is that we sing the national anthem before the games and they would say no, no, no and I would say oh yes you can do it," said Krainis.

Around one minute and fifteen seconds of honoring the red, white and blue flag. A ritual that has helped the girls realize just how united their volleyball team can be.

"We always play better because we come together as a team before and then we go out there and we play really well together," said senior Zelda Clegg.

The Panthers won their Class B quarterfinal match against Wells 3-1, but lost their semifinals match 3-0 against Washington Academy.